PharmaPath’s commitment to RnD is a key growth driver, firmly connected to our mission and out-licensing business strategy.

Our out-licensing portfolio primarily focuses on our in-house developed dossiers of oral solid dosage forms (immediate and extended release tablets and capsules), allowing Day 1 generic entry for our partners upon patent expiry.

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Our pharmaceutical development scientists have broad knowledge and expertise and are devoted to developing effective, patent non-infringing generic products of the highest quality.

Our fully integrated development activities range from pre-formulation to formulation and analytical development, scale-up, process validation, stability testing and clinical phase design and execution. We adopt a QbD approach to our product development allowing the implementation of processes that achieve a consistent level of quality and efficiency further supporting our reliable supply.

We are constantly seeking reliable partners in the R&D field to add new products to our portfolio through technology transfer or co-development projects. If you are interested in developing a partnerships with us, please contact us at BD@pharmapath.eu