Contract Manufacturing

PharmaPath specializes in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing of a range of conventional and modified release oral solid dosage forms. Our highly-skilled and experienced team ensures manufacturing in compliance with the highest international quality standards.

The site’s annual manufacturing capacity exceeds 2 billion units and we offer high flexibility in product batch sizes through a range of manufacturing equipment, spanning from a few litters to 1200 litters.
A wide variety of materials can be used in blister packaging while possibilities for large-size blisters and packs are available.

Our EU GMP certified production facility located in Athens, Greece, has a fully installed Operational Excellence System ensuring effective cost control and high customer service level and offers a wide variety of technologies:


  1. Dry mixing
  2. Wet granulation (conventional and EX rated, High Shear Mixers and Fluid Bed Processors for Spray Granulation or Particles Coating)
  3. Drying (Tray drying, FBDs)
  4. Compressing (conventional, chewable, OD tablets)
  5. Coating (conventional or functional film coating using EX rated equipment)
  6. Encapsulation (hard gelatin capsules)

QC testing and Batch Release to EU and International markets


  1. Blister packaging (conventional push through plain or perforated blisters, peel-off blisters or blisters with centered artworks using a wide variety of packaging materials)
  2. Secondary packaging (conventional, cartons, wide variety of leaflet sizes, booklets)
  3. Serialisation and Aggregation

Stability testing in different Climatic Zones

Our highly skilled PharmTech team has wide experience in analytical and formulation technology transfer and plays a major role in the success of our contract-manufacturing activities. A systematic approach is followed in order to assure that the experience gained during our partner’s drug product development or commercialization is successfully transferred into commercial manufacturing to our site.

Each product eligible for contract manufacturing is thoroughly evaluated in terms of analytical methods, production process and packaging requirements. We identify and efficiently mitigate any risks prior to the introduction of a new product to our manufacturing and packaging lines, ensuring a robust and smooth technology transfer process.

PharmaPath’s Quality Control Laboratory is fully equipped to support all physicochemical and microbiological tests required for the control and release of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products.
Our highly experienced QA team ensures that every production batch is manufactured, controlled and released under strict Quality and Safety standards and meets national requirements in different markets worldwide. PharmaPath has been successfully audited by the Greek National Agency and Foreign Authorities (ANVISA – Brazil, Gulf Cooperation Council – GCC, Ministry of Health of Russian Federation) as well as by an impressive number of our partners.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership for contract manufacturing with PharmaPath, please contact us at