Our Mission

We have always aimed to walk on a path of respect to the patients, service to the healthcare system and customer care excellence for our partners. And we do.

Honoring our pharmaceutical legacy and culture,
we never cease to explore new opportunities, technologies and advances with the single target of providing high-quality, effective generic medicines to the international market.

With our expertise, services and customer-oriented approach, we are committed to standing by our partners throughout the life cycle of our products and aspire along with them to daily improve human health and well-being.

Our Vision

We intend to mark our place in the pharma industry by creating and sustaining a unique performance for our partners and providing effective affordable medicines to those in need.

Our team’s passion, commitment, reliability and business ethic, are fueling our vision of building strong, long-term relations with our partners and becoming one of the leading international generic providers.


Our Values

Build long-lasting Relations

We connect with our partners, surpass their expectations and drive each other to succeed. High-quality portfolio and optimal generic entry are our strengths with a parallel focus on superior product life cycle performance, operational excellence and outstanding customer service, all of which assist us in building trusted relationships with our partners.

Make a Difference

We are driven by ambition and passion for what we do. We are a powerful team, we aim high, we focus on innovation and quality across our functions and we plan for sustainable long-term growth. Measuring ourselves against the highest of standards, we are constantly inspired to make an impact on the generic pharma sector.

Act with Integrity

Building trust through transparency and providing complete visibility internally and externally. We operate ethically and with respect for colleagues, partners, and patients. As we continue to grow, we never forget that we serve the most important gift; human health.

Embrace and Empower

We combine a diversity of backgrounds, skills, expertise, and perspectives and we are committed to offering our employees a work environment where they can continuously acquire knowledge, build confidence, make decisions and take action towards their professional growth.

We are constantly striving for improvement and our values show our culture

Our Quality Statement

PharmaPath is committed to

Ensure that an effective Quality Management System is in place and is operating to successfully achieve the highest quality objectives in the production and supply of our generic pharmaceutical products. 

Offer Operational Excellence under the Continuous Improvement principle.

Provide to its customers Quality Services in compliance with forthcoming regulatory requirements, legislative changes and industry standards.

Promote a Quality Culture that ensures the Quality, Safety and Efficacy of our pharmaceutical products.